Orgain Protein Powder Vs Vega One: Which Is More Superior?

Orgain Protein Powder Vs Vega One

On the surface, both Vega one weight loss and orgain protein powder shake seem like one and the same. Both of them pride themselves on being vegan-friendly, due to their use of plant-based proteins, however, by taking a closer look, you’ll be able to tell that they do have some differences. And these differences matter to certain kinds of people. Let’s start by looking at their similarities, before moving on to their distinctive features.

Orgain Protein Powder VS Vega One

Orgain Protein Powder VS Vega One Ingredients


Not to sound like captain obvious, but what makes a meal replacement shake vegan is with regards to its source of protein. And in this case, both Orgain and vega one weight loss shakes use plant protein. Now the thing with plant protein is that even though it provides the same amino acidic components as animal protein, it doesn’t have vitamin B12, lack of which is associated with long term fatigue. Vitamin B12 is naturally occurring in animals, vegetarians on orgain and vega shake will need to take B12 supplements.

In terms of the actual ingredients used, Orgain protein powder uses pea, brown rice, chia seed and hemp as its chief protein ingredients. Vega one weight loss shakes rely on saviseed, hemp seed and brown rice for protein. Both use a delicate combination of all these ingredients to get optimal results for their users.

If you’re prone to diary allergies, constipation and such, top meal replacement shakes with protein bases should be your go-to, as they’re less aggressive on the stomach.

Texture & Consistency

One of the reasons people abhor meal replacement shakes has to do with their “chalk-like” taste, and their grainy consistency. The texture, when a powder has been mixed with water, depends on the type of ingredients used. For example, shakes that use BCAAs as their protein bases have grainy textures because BCAA doesn’t dissolve easily.

From orgain protein powder review, you’ll see that some types contain BCAAs, and even the vegan orgain contains a lot of fiber filled ingredients – chia and peas – which means it will have a bit of a grainy texture. Vega one weight loss contains less fiber filled ingredients, so it has a smoother texture when compared to orgain.

With regards to the actual taste, both of them try to exclude artificial ingredients, because they believe it runs counter to a healthy lifestyle. Some varieties include stevia, so you can expect them to taste better.

Available Flavors

Even the tastiest meal replacement shake can get boring if you don’t switch it up a bit. And besides, not everyone likes drinking the same thing, so here are a few of the popular flavors you can find from each of these shakes.

For orgain protein powder shake, you can get it either in vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate fudge flavors and 7 others. Most orgain protein powder review favor the vanilla flavor more than the chocolate fudge though, so if this is your first time, you may want to try that first. Note that because it uses plant-based protein, and excludes artificial additives, its taste is bit cleaner, and less “milkshake-like”.

For the vega one, you get a lot more options to pick from – from vanilla chai, to french vanilla, to coconut, berry, mocha and natural unsweetened flavor. Everyone’s least favorite is obviously the natural unsweetened flavor, but it’s obviously popular with health needs.

Pricing: Orgain Protein Powder vs Vega One

It’s ok to be conscious about the price tags because some firms don’t necessarily make better quality for higher prices. Orgain protein is considered a more affordable plant protein products on the market. You can get them on Amazon or the official site, but note that some sites may sell them at higher prices, so try to make comparisons before adding to your cart. A plant protein orgain costs anywhere between $22 to $50 (Orgain whey is a lot higher, at $38, but so are other whey products).

Meanwhile, Vega one plant protein prices range from $28 to $100 per pack. It comes in various convenient packages, so if you just want to try a specific flavor, you can get one serving at $3.99.

As a plus for Orgain products, they make sure their ingredients conform to the best farming practices, so their ingredients are from non GMO sources. Considering how affordable they are, this is great news for earth loving folks.

Bottom line

Both of these meal replacement shakes have their pros and cons. For example, if you’re a vegetarian on a budget, and you care about the environment, you’ll want to go with organic orgain. However, if you’re more concerned about the consistency of your shake, Vega one’s your shake. Don’t forget to give the different flavors a whirl, before making your final choice.