For a Wonderful Internet TV Viewing Experience, Hulu Rates Top

For a Wonderful Internet TV Viewing Experience, Hulu Rates Top

Hulu is an online subscription service that streams videos of currently airing shows from various television networks. It is a joint venture between Hulu and ABC, Disney, Fox, Comcast and Time Warner. It came into existence in 2007 and was originally meant to be viewed free of charge on a computer. But three years later, it started monthly subscriptions and new ways to watch streaming TV through apps. It also made available an expanded library of content through internet TV and later included movie choices.

The cost of Hulu Plus is $7.99 per month in the most basic plan which has limited commercials. The $11.99 per month plan has no commercials while the premium package costs $39.99/month and has enhanced services.

Why Hulu is a great entertainment platform

Variety of content:

When subscribed, you will have great access to watch the current and past episodes of top network shows. The premium bouquets offer remarkable selection of current shows and complete series.

This internet TV service avails episodes of your best series shortly after they are aired. In fact, the waiting period is just one day. Another impressive thing is that the service provides the full seasons of the popular shows available. Hulu also has its exclusive content that by virtue of being original and unavailable elsewhere makes a case for signing for it.

On the downside, if you are subscribed to the free service, you have to contend with multiple ads that limit your user experience. While Hulu makes available the full seasons of your favorite shows, there are a few cases where reviewers lament that only the last five episodes of a particular series were available to watch. While this amounts to disappointment, thankfully such cases are far and apart.


Hulu has made great strides to render services in a convenient and enjoyable way. Top of this is by featuring personal queuing and watch history to enable viewers keep track of their best episodes. The service is user friendly in that it is configured to play on multiple devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This experience is augmented by a customizable user profile feature that will suggest movies you can watch next based on your likes. Clearly, you can get almost all your streaming movie and TV in Hulu, the same way to Netflix.

Two important features that lack in this service are parental controls and offline viewing. In an age where inappropriate content is available at the click of a button, Hulu should have provided means to control what your children can access or not.

Offline viewing enables you to download and save videos that you can watch later even when you are not connected to the internet. In contrast, the two main competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have these two services.

User Experience:

This video streaming and internet TV site has an ad-free subscription where you can watch content without interruption from commercials. This comes at the cost of a few extra dollars per month. It is ideal for movie viewers who dislike disruptions from commercials. It is justified to incur this cost for a rich user experience devoid of ubiquitous advertising at the basic subscription level. One reviewer points out ads can take as much as seven minutes in a typical 42 minute television episode. For people who like watching from the start to the end, referred to as binge-watchers, this service is friendly to their preferences. Through the auto play feature, the subsequent episodes starts immediately the current one ends.

The ads are however a drawback considering that they are shown even after incurring the cost of Hulu Plus basic membership. The fact that the same commercial might be replayed several times in one show amounts to a nuisance.

Help & Support:

You will find the service’s tutorials page very useful as they cover most issues including billing, smart device troubleshooting and video organization. For your minor problems, you can try the general FAQs. If you have deeper concerns you want to bring to Hulu’s attention, you can reach customer support through email. Note that it does not offer a live-chat option. The service hosts a regular blog that updates on the innovations to be released in the near future


Based on the cost of Hulu Plus package you chose, the site offers a wonderful experience to watch internet TV. Worth mentioning is the constantly updated library of popular television shows. With a few improvements, especially if they revisited the outpouring of commercials, the service would become the best.