Father : The Guiding Light In a Person’s Life

Father : The Guiding Light In a Person’s Life

Privileged are those people who are blessed with a father who does everything to become a dad.

What is the difference between a “father” and a “dad” ?

A father is a biological parent or a step-parent to a person, but a dad is a father who is always there for his children, to whom his children can look upto even when they grow up. When a child is born, the happiness of the father cannot be described in words. That feeling of awe and wonder at his own creation is unmatched. The day when a man becomes a father, a new sense of responsibility fills him.

The responsibility to give the best of everything to his child, to protect the child from all the problems and miseries of the world and to be there with this part of him through thick and thin. A father works hard all day long and still comes home with a smiling face for his children. He faces so many problems, yet does not let it come on his face before his children. He does everything for the child to have a bright and happy future and guides his child through the path of life. A feeling of strength and the vision of the infinite sky is given by a father.

For a boy, his father is his super hero – no less than a Superman or a Spiderman. He is the one for whom nothing is impossible in the eyes of his son. A girl sees herself as a princess to her father, whom he can protect from anything in this world. He stands as an inspiration to her daughter. And yes! It is rightly said that a girl cannot be loved by anyone more than her father.

Unfortunately, many people do not value this privilege of having a father. They misunderstand him, take him for granted, and in worst cases, try to get rid of their parents. It is a general nature of humans to ignore the value of anything that they have with them. They tend to realize it’s importance when it is gone. For many people, it happens so , that they realize what a precious gem they had in their lives in the form of parents when they lose them. A mother gives birth to the child after going through tremendous pain. She is reborn after the birth of her child and plays a crucial role in her child’s life. But, the father is a person who acts as an important factor in shaping the life of a child. A mother alone cannot give to her child, what both parents together are capable of giving.

It is a proven scientific fact, that the children who are brought up by both the parents together, tend to have a better psychological health and are more emotionally strong than the ones who are brought up by single parents or in the absence of both the parents. No one else can fulfil the role of a father in a person’s life. It is the characteristic trait of a mother and a father only to give unconditional love to their child. On the path of life, father is the one who guides us. He tries to prevent us from falling in the pits that life puts in our way. It depends on us, how much seriously we take his guidance. He does not tell us how to live our lives, instead, he shows us the way by making us watch his own life. We often tend to forget that he is growing old while we are busy growing up. It is our moral obligation to become his support and do whatever we can when he needs us the most. We must be thankful to him every day, for every little thing he has done for us in all his life. Fathers Day is one such day when we can express our gratitude to our fathers and make them feel special.

Following are some happy Fathers day quotes that describe the importance of a father in a person’s life :

– One of the most unnoticed, unacknowledged, still, one of the most precious assets in our society is a good father.

– No matter how tall a child grows, a good father is someone, at whom he can always look upto.

– A father is the only man who feels happy and proud when you achieve greater heights in life than him.

– The star that guides the way of a person’s life is none other than his father.

– You made me who I am today, oh father! It is the time for you to chill from this day.

-The life of a person can attain it’s real meaning, the day he can return to his father, even half of what he has given to him.

– A man must be prepared to get from his children, what he has given to his father.

– God could not be everywhere, therefore he created parents, among which mothers are a half reflection of him. Fathers complete the other half.

– Love him, or hate him. He will always love you back unconditionally. He is a father.

Let us all celebrate Fathers day to honor his valuable role in our lives.