Everything You Need to Know About Hulu Streaming Service

Everything You Need to Know About Hulu Streaming Service

Just a few years ago individuals relied on Netflix only to stream movies, TV shows among other programs but this has changed recently with other players step into this flourishing industry. Hulu is one of the major Netflix competitors that has won the hearts of many individuals who love enjoying the streaming experience. Hulu will allow you enjoy documentaries, Movies and TV shows of your choice on anywhere. Here are a few things you should learn about Hulu before deciding whether to subscribe or not.

What its Hulu

Hulu was founded back in 2007 as a joint venture by several companies which include Comcast, Disney, Time Warner and 21st Century Fox. Initially, Hulu aimed at providing individuals a way for streaming television programs on their computers. Today, this service has expanded to all smart devices you can lay your hands on. Today, Hulu offers more programming than its competitors due to its close relationship with TV networks as well as access to its partners’ film catalogs.

How Hulu operates

If you already know how streaming services work then understanding how Hulu work will be a walk in the park. It will only take a few minutes to understand its setup. Hulu keeps its content in different categories such as Movies, TV shows and much more; therefore, you will only view the contents of each category at a time. Hulu also creates a list of your favorites which appears on top of your screen and also remembers where you are in each episode.

Hulu ensures minimal or no inference when watching your favorite show allowing you to enjoy the best streaming experience like no other. Even with ads option, you can start by viewing a long ad then watch a whole episode without interference instead of short ads throughout. The service also offers recommendations on programs that might interest you depending on your viewing habits. In case you close the App in the middle of an episode or a movie, it asks you whether you would like to continue where you left the next time you fire it up.

Searching content on Hulu is super easy; the Apps helps you find even items you did know they will interest you. The App is well organized into categories to help you access content that suits your taste and preference. For instance, you to explore everything ABC has in store by browsing under their category. Hulu’s content categorization is very helpful especially when you are out of options on what you need to watch. Hulu also allows you to watch premium movies and cable programming services even if you have cut the cable but at additional cost.

Over the past few years; Hulu has made huge strides to keep up with Netflix regarding original programming. This service allows you to watch major British and American shows which include The Wrong Mans and Moonboy. If you love thrillers such the Path or you have a passion for comedies such as the Difficult People then here is where you should be.

The Cost of Hulu Plus

Are you wondering how much it will cost you to subscribe to Hulu services? Initially, Hulu offered a free option where you could stream limited number of programs in exchange for watching ads. Unfortunately, that option does not exist anymore. Hulu now offers two types of subscription plans: the Plus and the Plus No Commercials. The costing of Hulu Plus is $7 a month and allows you to access all TV shows, Documentaries, and Movies among other programs offered by the service. However, this option has a drawback since you will have to watch several ads that keep on popping up as you stream. If you hate ads, interference there is an ad-free plan for you known as the Hulu Plus No Commercial which costs $11.99 a month. This plan allows you to watch whatever show or movie you like without a single ad ruining your moment. The cost may seem high, but it is worth it if you a super fan of TV shows.

So how do Hulu differ with other streaming services? Here is a detailed comparison between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime regarding costs (Hulu and Netflix costs are stated per month)

Hulu: It offers two options – Hulu Plus for $7.99 and Hulu Plus No Commercial for $11.99

Netflix: Offers several options- One screen at a time Standard Definition for $7.99, Two screens at a time HD for $9.99 and Four screens at a time Ultra HD for $11.99

Amazon Prime: offers an upfront option for $99 per year

No matter which streaming service you choose no one platform is exhaustive for instance you can get a popular show on one programming service and miss it on another. However, Hulu has managed to create a deep archive where you can find almost every movie, TV show or documentary offered by other service providers.